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The Advantages of Solar:


   * Reduced dependency on fossil fuels & foreign countries

   * Better for the environment

   * Solar is a clean energy source powered by the sun

   * There is plenty of sunshine in Hawaii

   * Lowers your electric bill

   * Increases the value of your home

   * State & Federal tax incentives make solar affordable

   * There are lots of financing options available for solar

   * Solar is the best investment you'll ever make

   * Investing in solar yields a much higher return than the stock market 


Experience the advantages

Why Solar..... 

Hawaii has the highest energy cost in the nation and we can expect that prices will only go up from here. With Hawaii’s ample sunshine and generous solar tax incentives, now is the time for solar.  The average return on investment in solar far exceeds historical returns investing in the stock market. 

While a majority of the world's current electricity supply is generated from fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, these traditional energy sources face a number of challenges including rising prices, security concerns over dependence on imports from a limited number of countries, and growing environmental concerns over the climate change risks associated with power generation using fossil fuels.